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Age-Related Macular Degeneration

Supporting AMD sufferers in the Isle of Man

This website is created independently to support the aims of the Manx Macular Support Group and inform Isle of Man residents about AMD using authoritative sources e.g. Royal National Institute for the Blind, Royal College of Ophthalmologists, Macular Society and individual Optometrists. It describes the warning signs, emphasises the need for prompt diagnosis and treatment-  and the disastrous personal consequences resulting from the all too frequent delays.

The embedded FORUM is for Patients, Carers, family and friends to share their experiences with people who are currently affected or likely to be affected. You may stay anonymous on the published forum. Your input is the most valuable information and helps to focus attention on real solutions. It informs vulnerable and apprehensive people facing a difficult future. Sadly some feel their condition is something to be ashamed of and for the forum to demonstrate they are not alone would be a great service and encourage them to make their needs known. Some are apprehensive that complaining about treatment may rebound on them.  The best course is for all concerned is to participate fully. It is believed over 50% of Manx Blind Welfare clients have AMD but that even that number does not represent all IOM residents so affected.

The reasons for the campaign that has been mounted since 2008 are explained in this website, as are the urgencies if central vision loss is to be fought effectively.

AMD (Age related macular degeneration) is the most common cause of sight loss in the British Isles. It can destroy central vision and have a devastating impact on your whole quality of life. Imagine the look of your family photographic album if the centre of every picture had a black splodge across the middle.  The WET AMD sufferer lives with that condition all their waking hours.

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