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Age-Related Macular Degeneration

AUGUST 2014 Comment on Tynwald Court Hansard

January 2016 progress report

FEB 2012  The Independent- article


2013  Alternative drug available

NOV 2013 article EXAMINER

NOV 2013 Eyelea for fewer injections

DEC 2013 letter from Health Minister

DEC 2013 Macular Society- Avastin cost saving

JAN 2014  IOM HANSARD- still talking

JAN 2014 Update from Macular Society GB

APRIL 2014  7th year without a solution

Jan 2014 Orkney has an island solution

April 2014 letter from Hon H Quayle MHK

June 2014 NICE Drug costs prompt diagnosis

JULY 2014 Still no action- what next?