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Age-Related Macular Degeneration


There is an undeniable stress related to sight loss and knowledge of the chances of being affected

At 60 years of age about 1 in 2000 people currently get AMD but by the age of 90 it is 1 in 5  

As we live longer the more likely we are to encounter AMD

That sounds like more than enough stress, and so it is.

Better then, that you are not asked to undergo up to 16 hours of travel, waiting, treatment, more waiting, travel again, arriving home late in the day - not to effect a cure necessarily but just to try to arrest development of the condition that is threatening to rob you of your sight. This is not a once-only treatment, it is ongoing and this is what makes the off-island treatment so stressful. Manx Macular Group is working hard to remedy this, with the  2011 Petition and subsequent frequent representations, still ongoing at this time.

 EARLY treatment, following the TIMETABLE, minimising the TRAVEL.

Programmed treatment, avoiding wasted time and leaving out redundant
steps in the procedure has to be the way.