Manx Macular Support Group

The Ambassador Project

The very best wishes from all the members of the Manx Macular Support a group and invite you to join us. We know from personal experience how difficult and lonely life can be.

Our reason for contacting you is based upon two recent surveys that have emerged. Over three hundred people a day in the British Isles are now being diagnosed with a Macular condition. It has also been established that for whatever reason 75% of those so diagnosed have no further or regular contact with either the medical profession or organisations such as ours. Our ninety-eight members feel strongly that they would like to do something about this and to try and reach out to those that may be in this 75% group in order to share with them many of the solutions they now use on a daily basis to make life easier.

Of course, as we all know there is still no cure for dry Macular but so many things are being discovered to help us in our day to day lives it is important to be kept up to date on such advancements. Having been diagnosed some 10 years ago I know how true this is and we would like to share our knowledge and friendship with you. All you may require is a free copy of our newsletter that goes out to members on a regular basis. Or join us at our monthly meetings at Sight Matters. So if you would like to be included in our circular letter list in order to know more about what we do and how we can help you then please contact us using the Contact Form on the Contact Us page