Manx Macular Support Group

Circular Letter October ’22

Good morning, everyone

Our next members meeting is at Sight Matters on Friday the 18th of November starting at 1100 hrs. It would be good to see as many there as can attend. Ian Cooil the CEO of Sight Matters is retiring and will be there to say goodbye. We want to say a proper goodbye to him. Cathryn Bradley who is taking over will also be there to introduce herself and say “Hello.” The talk is on getting the best nutrition as we get older and jointly presented by Penny Creighton MBE and the Manager of Holland & Barret to answer any questions you may have on vitamin supplements etc.

If you haven’t sent in your Xmas luncheon booking, then I will be collecting any at the meeting as being the last day before we need to send our orders to the Manager at the Hawthorn

As you know the cost of everything is going up and we are trying to keep our overhead down. So, there is a tangible way in which you can help. For example, the envelopes we use to send out these circulars used to be £18.60, last year that rose to £24.50 and this year £39.99. We are advised that the same box of 500 will be just over £50.00 in the new year. So, we want as many members who have emails to use this way of receiving our circulars as can possibly do so. So, we have now set up our own unique email address and website. The email address is  I sent out blind copies to the 42 members who have given us their emails the other day and only 12 have responded. Seven said the email had been deleted sight unseen by the recipient as being spam, and ten said the email address was no longer valid. So please can everyone with an email send me an email at  so we can start to save money and keep our fees as they are. If 45 respond we will cut our stationery expenditure by half! This request doesn’t apply to those 12 who have responded but look forward to hearing from the other seventy-four.

Our website is  It may say this website is uncertified when you go to it. That’s because we don’t have the money to have it certified but its safe to use none the less. Please let me know by email what information above that currently being displayed you would like to see there. For example, the lay out of the New St Pauls in the new Royal Hospital might be welcome.

Kindest regards Nigel  

Nigel H. Malpass Chairman           Manx Macular Support Group