Manx Macular Support Group

Circular Letter September ’22

Members Circular letter September 24th, 2022

Good morning, everyone

Great news! A game changer

I attended St Pauls on Wednesday for what turned out to be my last Eylea injection. A point of note is at no time was it any longer a requirement to wear a mask. The great news is NICE have just licenced a new drug for eye injections called Faricimab. Eylea and the current crop are effective for around four weeks. Faricimab is effective for sixteen. Truly a potential game changer for the NHS service and those needing such injections.

Christmas luncheon

1230 for 1300 on Friday the 9th of December at the Hawthorn

Thanks to Penny Creighton for all her hard work in researching and securing our Xmas luncheon. As with everything else the costs have gone up significantly and many of the places, we enquired to their availability were quoting costs of over £30.00. The Trustees have stepped in and have agreed a meal plan at the Hawthorn where by two courses are £20.00 a person and three courses £25.00. Please note two of the main course choices have a further £5.00 supplement if chosen. I apologise in advance for what may seem too much paperwork, but with the advent of rules on allergies, and the Hawthorn’s own requirements to pay a deposit and supply them with everyone’s choices by the 18th of November we have no other choice.

So, for those that have difficulty reading and filling in this form I hope there is ample time for you to ask for a friend or family member to assist. If all else fails, call me on 813774 and I can discuss and fill your requirements in over the phone. Please find enclosed a menu selection, a form to record your choices, and a free post envelope to return your form to me. I need these to be back with me by Tuesday 15thh of November in order to compile the full booking requirements and to pay the deposit (which the MMSG will fund in the first instance) in order to submit everything to the Hawthorn by Friday the 18th of November. Payment can be by cheque with your booking or by card with Bill in person on his Sumup at one of our meetings.

Bill will be running a limited minibus service from Sight matters where we can accommodate a maximum of nine people. On a first come first booked service please indicate on your booking form if you wish to take advantage of this service.

Kindest regards Nigel  

Nigel H. Malpass Chairman           Manx Macular Support Group